Saturday, February 11, 2006

Opening Ceremonies and Start of Project

Perhaps as I was swatching for my Olympic project, I was in some other knit-fantasy world. But, last night as I started the sweater in earnest, I realized that I should have knit the body up to the sleeves in the round? Why? Because doing a twisted rib is no fun when you have to purl through the back of each stitch on the wrong side. No continental speedy knitting here! I have 4 inches of the front done and I am NOT starting over (I think).

This is classic Melissa. Or perhaps just classic harried knitter. Either way, I think I should make a decision right away before anymore quality knitting time escapes me.


Dharma said...

Oh hon. I'm sorry. I don't know how fast you knit so I have no advice on whether you should start over or not.

Melissa said...

Well, I have decided to just pld on. Actually, I knit really fast, but I'm gonna suck this one up, so to speak. The sleeves will have to be done this way anyways...