Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Washington Winter

 Today is more of a photo sharing day than a writing day, but it'll give you a bit of an idea of what I've been up to, knitting and nature-wise.
Above and below is a single that I spun from an interesting batt of wool, angora and alpaca.

 This is the newest addition to the lace bookmark collection at Krafti-Kit. Pretty popular and a really fun way to learn to read charts.
 Here we have a OMG, it's COLD quick hat and gloves that I knitted for Mitch. The gloves are from handspun.
This was last weekend, driving through Vantage, WA, along the Columbia.
This is a shot taken up in Ellensberg, WA when it was snowing. (photo: Mitch Da Re)
Here we have Leavenworth, WA (The name was an initial deterrent to me, but was instead a beautiful Christmas wonderland of an Austrian flavor. (photo: Mitch Da Re)

So,  little random look at my winter. I have so many UFO's on the needles, I'm hoping to post some finished projects soon. Back to the needles and hook. Later, peeps!