Monday, October 30, 2006

Post #300

Post 300 on the 30th of October. That's reason enough to post a little today. I am knitting like a maniac, as usual and frogging nearly as much. It seems that a lot of my projects need just too much attention for me at the moment. There are some that are easier and coming along, but I think they would be too boring for me to photograph because they're not showing enough progress. How many things have I done 300 times? I think far less then I would have expected by this time in my life. Okay, so you leave out the obvious ones like eating, sleeping, doing laundry and then it comes down to a very select series of activities. I am very pleased that I've stuck with this process because it's brought some new people in my life and made some other ones stick around. It's also given me a really fine diary of something that means a great deal to me, my love of fiber. Happy 300th, everyone!

Friday, October 27, 2006


This is the Sunflower Tam from Norah Gaughn's Knitting Nature.

The design is based on the phyllotaxis plant pattern, like the pine cone.
I doubled some Cascade Lana D'oro and ended up with a hat that will most likely protect me from ANY of the wet elements here in the North West. I have to say that the yarn I needed was a little lighter, as she called for Lopi. I don't like the itchiness of Lopi so I used the Alpaca/Wool blend. But doubling it actually stressed my hands quite a bit to knit. I used a button instead of the loopy thing at the top.

I actually like it and will probaly make another for a gift! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Color Change

I am getting some knitting done, but because I'm working on larger projects, photos do not truly show the progress. My sore hands and wrists do!

The question right now is when do I go though the big hassle job of changing out my seasonal clothes. I might not even care that much this year if it weren't for all my knitted sweaters in storage. I think all of my formal business wear is staying packed up, with the exeption of the black suits. Portland just isn't that kind of place and I don't want to try them on to see the obvious, which is that they don't fit me right now...

I think I need to start with doing the laundry first! UGHHHH. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can't quite Frog

I thought I was gonna frog this sweater that I started last year. I haven't worked on this forever. I started the sleeve and it just worse and worse. I now that it seems like everything is looking pretty normal here, but I had some really strange problems with it. Maybe I just couldn't concentrate at the time. Anyhow, I did frog the sleeve and decided to seed stitch the whole thing intead of something that was planned to be somewhat like the body pattern. In the end, it will have something more going on around the neck and down the front.

The yarn is from South America and I love the color. It's similar to Manos is quality, but the weight and color varies greatly in each hank as well as from hank to hank. Still love it. Just wanna be done with it now. Posted by Picasa

Tossed Squares

I have lot ot this hand dyed sport wt. alpaca. I've decided to make some really simple mitered squares and crochet them into a small throw. It will be so lightweight and soft, I can imagine wearing it as well as curling up in it! Posted by Picasa

Autumnal Glory

Outside my bathroom window... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Neckline Detail

I have altered the motif placement here and I may regret it, maybe not. Anyhow, I haven't even tried it on yet. I just want to finish the entire thing. I do like this type of garment enough to, in the future try and design a more fitted blouse with Knitting in the Old Way as a reference. Posted by Picasa

Danish Blouse Progree

It took me all day to complete 30 rows on the sleeve. I had actually frogged it at the start of the day and started over, using the center point as my reference and completley ignoring the written instructions on motif placement. After the previous 3 tries, I just went my own way on this (with some help from Deb Robson, expert and generious soul). Posted by Picasa


Okay, well it may be true that she who dies with the most stash wins...I am willing to donate unwanted yarn to those who would pay for postage. What I'm really intested in (on an ongoing basis) is folks doing charity work and need yarn. My issue with this thus-far is that I'd have to pay the postage myself in addition to donating the yarn. The other thing I have is smaller amounts (100 yards?) of leftover sock yarn for those who knit kid/baby socks.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Pride of the Knitter

Yes, I am proud of this one level of organization. Yes, my friends say that my livingroom looks more like a yarn shop and this is yet one more indication of that. I have now fully organized all the downloaded, printed or purchased single patterns into zippered binders. Hey, c'mon over and brouse! Posted by Picasa

The Unbearable Stashness of Being

 Posted by Picasa

More Stash Confessions

The road to recovery is paved with good intentions (who am I kidding??) Hey, at least I'm confessing. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006

Two Pairs finished

I like them both for different reasons. Again, the ones on the right are two different colorways of the same yarn. The onces on the left is one striping yarn with a solid. Posted by Picasa

A New Striping Experiment

In this case, I undid the skein and created two balls. I then started knitting from the center point, not knowing what would happen. I'm really suprised to see that the colors patterned in an interesting way. In this case, I may not have enough yarn, so the plan is to make the second strand a coordinating solid for the bottom of the sock. Posted by Picasa