Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ladylike Presentation

Nana is here, anticipating the first bite of her Birthday Tart, compliments of Paula.
The Tart, featuring lovely antique lustreware and depression glass that Paula just so happens to have on hand to create the perfect "Ladylike" presentation. Oh, don't forget the Jasmine tea!

But here! Here is the true Paula. Her sentiments on this subject worn on her T.

Gotta love this girl....

SeaWool Socks

After a couple of froggings, these socks are finally done. What I found is that this pattern from the Fleece Artist folks who make this yarn was just fine, but too small. First off, you'll probably say that they look a lot like the Jaywalker Socks. I'm thinking the garter edge top is the difference. But, when you make a fabric like this, it's not terribly flexible. I had to increase needle size and add some stitches to the repeat. Thing is, you can see the "laddering" affect down the center, and between each chevron. That's because they are still pulling and a bit too small.
The color is VERY saturated and this picture doesn't do it justice, but I learned about the importance how the flexibility of your knitted fabric when making socks. (Still something I consider every time I think about fair isle socks after my first experience with them years ago!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Give Thanks

I want to thank all of my friends, cyber and local for their support, love and encouragement this past year. Blessings to all.

Another Purple Thing

This Bird's Nest Shawl from Oberle's Folks Shawls is something I've really been working and working on.

Until...I ran out of my own handspun...twice.

Unfortunatly the second time I spun more than the original 8oz, I spun some that was more like worsted weight than sport. So, here I go again. Diligent in my efforts to finish this baby up and block the biggest thing I've ever blocked before. It's 21"x72". Yow!

I know that I'm really going to enjoy wearing it, though. Imperfections and all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Purple Flame, in the Rain, Not in Spain....

This is some fiber...mohair, polwarth and some shiny stuff that my friend Barb carded up and gave me. It was only when I started spinning it that it's glory called out to me.
Who can say what I choose what to spin on any given day? Right now I only have one bobbin for my wheel, so what I start I sort of have to finish. Other than that, it's pretty much up to my whims. Oh yeah, other than that Bird's Nest Shawl that it simply consuming merino. More on the way tuesday and that back to finishing that.

I suppose what draws me in on any given day is the color I want to be touching. But, as far as knitting goes, nothing is finishing fast enough for me. I feel quite impatient with several projects. I promised I wouldn't start my fair isle sweater until I finished the shawl and a couple of pairs of socks, but that was a crock! I'd say I'm about 3" into it so far and I'm really enjoying the undulating curves. (Picture to come.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blue Moon New Stash

Okay, so even though I wasn't interested in buying yarn, but fiber I walked out with this. The Kid Mo on the right is to go with two more skeins I have here in my current stash. Of course they're different dye lots, but I'll blend them every other row and it'll be fine. Fun was had by all, but for any of you whom have read about this yarn meltdown so to speak was planned for the whole day but nearly sold out in the first half hour.
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some Spinning

This above is baby camel and silk
This is Jacob, which is not terribly soft, but I love the color and texture.
Then, we have one of my favorites to spin which is Corriedale. This has a bit more rust in it than shows here.
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