Thursday, November 29, 2007

SeaWool Socks

After a couple of froggings, these socks are finally done. What I found is that this pattern from the Fleece Artist folks who make this yarn was just fine, but too small. First off, you'll probably say that they look a lot like the Jaywalker Socks. I'm thinking the garter edge top is the difference. But, when you make a fabric like this, it's not terribly flexible. I had to increase needle size and add some stitches to the repeat. Thing is, you can see the "laddering" affect down the center, and between each chevron. That's because they are still pulling and a bit too small.
The color is VERY saturated and this picture doesn't do it justice, but I learned about the importance how the flexibility of your knitted fabric when making socks. (Still something I consider every time I think about fair isle socks after my first experience with them years ago!)


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Pretty! Hopefully, they'll soften up and maybe stretch a bit after the first washing or two.

Courtney said...

I saw this pattern at Knit Purl and thought the same thing about them looking like Jaywalkers.
I already have 1 completed one of those that is too small! They are beautiful though, way to perservere.
I love the Sea Wool!

Sharon said...

very nice sock knitting!