Sunday, October 30, 2005

Autumn Sunday

I'm just loving Fall in Portland. The leaves were glowing like a wild fire and now they're nearly gone. On the ground, wet and bright and slick.

Sunday is knitting group day, and it was a great one. Had someone new who was learning to knit for the first time and a returning beginner who is just delightful. I love the predictability and routine meeting of our group. I'm glad I stuck with it. As, the one who started it, I was a little concerned I'd be sitting by myself week after week.

I started my first poncho today out of some cheap stuff, just to test out the pattern. Seems like a simple thing that I should have made already, but I've only made capelets, knitted in the round.

Earlier this week I knocked out a pair of socks in two evenings for my friend, E. That was a marathon. All the while, not knowing if I would finish them before I next saw him. Ah, deadlines are good sometimes.

I bought a skein of lace weight merino wool and tried to work out some lace pattern with it, to see if it would be suitable for a scarf. Lord have mercy. Even with bamboo needles, it all just kept slipping off over and over again. I gave up after knitting rows 1-4 about 3 times. Maybe my hands just aren't steady enough! Give me cables or fairisle anyday. Okay, so I have been frustrated with lace knitting for several years now. I guess I just have more growing to do!

Like most Sundays, I'm over caffienated!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Plowing through the Stash

Last night I took hold of a cardigan that I started 4 years ago and had at it. It was sitting in one of my bins. I couldn't even remember what pattern I was using to knit it. Pink/salmon Manos yarn. I took the easy way out. I decided to fake the neck decreases and make it into a vest.

A very lovely vest it turned out to be. I wore it today, of course.
I had these sort of Paillettes made out of mother of pearl, small, that I sewed up near the lacy neck. Finished it with matching buttons down the front.

My camera has bit the dust, so the pictures may be a while in coming. What is this, mercury retrograde? Taking care of old business? Yeah, there's plenty more pressing old business than a pink vest in waiting...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Me and Brahms

This is an older picture of us, but one of my favorite. Still haven't bought those camera batteries.
Me and Brahms Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Maniac, she's a maniac

Compulsive knitting day. From morning 'til night I've been hacking away. Elastic thread is proving to be a miracle material.

I'm finishing the front of a sweater I'm designing as I go. Back is done, and then I just have to figure out the sleeve. Normally this is not such a big deal, but I'm making it a set-in sleeve instead of an off the shoulder/squared off kind. I've got some measuring to do...tomorrow

Friday, October 07, 2005

Finishing and Beginning

So, the hat did get finished. It now has two rows of embroidered motifs. I'll take a new picture when I get around to buying batteries for my camera! Sad. I do like the hat now though, especially since I put some elastic on the inside for better fit.

I had a yarn shop day off today. I went someplace today (I won't say where...) but it was really frustrating that there seemed to be little logical organization to the place. It's got a huge stock in three rooms but I couldn't seem to remember what was where.

I seem to be in a hat mood. I made my work-mate Elizabeth a chullo out of a variegated chenille type yarn. It looked so cute on her, earflaps and all! Now, because of talking about Tams with knitting pal, Paula I'm giving one a try myself. I think I've chosen a yarn that probably will be too floppy, but who knows. I think they should probably be made out of a firm yarn, knit tightly. Although the cloche look could work too. Happy accident waiting to happen, I think.

It's my first autumn in the Pacific Northwest and so far it's lovely. Been 4 years now since I've experienced a proper fall. So far the rain doesn't bother me at all. I like damp as opposed to dry. As you can imagine, San Diego was challenging in this way.

Let me end on this note: Sometimes the depth of my passion for textiles amazes me.