Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sun and Bunnies

In the middle of the emotional chaos that has been my life, lately, I had a great time at OFFF with Mitch and Paula. I got to see many old friends, and revel in the one warm and sunny day there in Canby.

The best part for me was FINALLY talking Paula into a bunny. (There was not too much arm twisting, truth be told). She's wanted one since she went to OFFF a few years ago. Enough was enough. The day was here and we were not leaving without a little one.

The first part I had no hand in. A bunny seller simply placed one in Paula's arms. That was enough. We did find out that it was a male and she wanted a female so this fella's sister came home in the car with us. BUT! it was not without some smuggling said bunny into her apartment building. Such stealth performers we were....not. We did it though and I have the pictures to prove it, albeit a bit late.
Meanwhile, Paula says that she and Zsa Zsa (really) are doing wonderfully and that she has chosen the perfect pet. We are all happy about that, for sure.

This was also a fiber stash enhancing experience and I did very well with my small-ish budget this year. 'Nuf said. I got some "good stuff".