Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yes, it has been a month since I posted, but for good reason. My computer up and died a very sudden death. This past month has been all about scrambling to get my files downloaded from my off-site backup and to find another computer.

Now I have a loaner computer (thanks Em) that's an older version of my Toshiba Satellite laptop but it's having some problems getting online wirelessly. Lest you forget, I do have an online business :-) Yeah, not so great. In this household it seems like we have multiple computers that each have their own strength, but no ONE does it all. Even this sweet little macbook that I'm on (thanks honey) doesn't work with my shipping software.

I am posting so that you know that I am still alive. I made it through the first round of snow madness here in the Columbia River Basin (how I now refer to this place). Next post will include actual pictures of knitted articles. They are very slowly getting completed. I actually think I've been doing more darning lately. What's up with that? All my socks are giving out at exactly the same moment. I have nothing against darning but it is nothing compared to actually finishing a pair of socks!