Monday, November 28, 2005

November bits and pieces

Me and my knit people got together for a turkey-less feast for the holiday, complete with knitting. I want to say thanks to Elizabeth for hosting us all and making it a memorable holiday.

Not getting enough knitting in lately. Nothing is thrilling me and I'm just working on small holiday projects. I have a garter stitch shawl in the works in the most lovely yarn, but I guess the pattern is so simple, it's not really holding my attention. The yarn is from a favorite source, Not the handspun, although that's nice too, but the bulky 6 ply. So soft, it's like fluffy cotton. I'm using all earthy colors.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Earthtones, Not Ringtones

Another lovely day off, walking in the park. No interruption from my reverie.

I love not having a cell phone these days. After 10 or so years feeling tethered to one, it's a quiet relief. I watch people on the trains or buses in the morning playing with their phones instead of reading, resting, or of course, knitting.
We are what we do.
We are what we believe.
We are what we love.
I refuse to believe that we are what we eat! (but then again, do I really want to be broccoli?)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Earthtones and Pinecones

It's finally getting cold here.
There's frost in the morning. I can see my breath as I'm walking to work in the morning.
Yesterday, walking in a park, inhaling damp earth and the scent of balsam...blissful.

Still, I've not turned the heat on and the kitties are not thrilled with me on that one. I figure they can always get under the comforter or lie in the sun when I'm out during the day.

I have all this new hand dyed fingering weight wool and as always I am pondering if it will go the way of socks (as it generally does) or if I will somehow have the patience to fashion it into a vest or sweater. Earthy varigated tones. Yum.

Listening to requiem masses again. Feeling more myself as I remember the joy of singing in a choir. Wondering, will I do that again?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dueling Crafts...

...but not really.
For the first time that I can recall, I did not get heart palpitations walking into a bead expo. Sure, I bought a couple of things, but all the while, I knew that my loyalty of passion remains with yarn. It was no big thrill!

In the past, it was dueling crafts. I couldn't decided where to put my energy. Now it's just a matter of what knitting project of which day. Far less complex.

Fiber addiction. (Even the beads I bought are mostly to go on sweaters that I'll knit.)