Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Earthtones and Pinecones

It's finally getting cold here.
There's frost in the morning. I can see my breath as I'm walking to work in the morning.
Yesterday, walking in a park, inhaling damp earth and the scent of balsam...blissful.

Still, I've not turned the heat on and the kitties are not thrilled with me on that one. I figure they can always get under the comforter or lie in the sun when I'm out during the day.

I have all this new hand dyed fingering weight wool and as always I am pondering if it will go the way of socks (as it generally does) or if I will somehow have the patience to fashion it into a vest or sweater. Earthy varigated tones. Yum.

Listening to requiem masses again. Feeling more myself as I remember the joy of singing in a choir. Wondering, will I do that again?

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