Friday, February 22, 2008

Color for Days

I ordered this in the dark of night and it arrived in the light of day. As are often the choices I make in that situation (especially with online purchases) I have no regrets today.
All of these 4 oz balls of roving are from a great source handpaintedyarn.
I love their yarns and their prices. Each of these was just $6.80. In as much as I purchased some really saturated colors, they also have more subtle colors.
Just wanted to share. Meanwhile I'm working on actual WORK and my test knitting project and my Norwegian sweater design.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For the first time...

...I planned to spin a certain kind of yarn and it actually turned out that way. Right from my mind's eye into a hank of lovliness. You know, that's never happened. I've been happy with my yarn, but my results have always been a bit of a suprise.
The top yarn is from un carded locks of...something...that I got in a trade.
This fiber is a blend of many fibers purchased at OFFF last year from Bellweather. Tweedy, blue, smells great. (love me the sheep smell).

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I looked around for the perfect knitting related heart object and it was right here on the desk next to me.
Sending love to all my knitting friends.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Night at the Opera

She’s powerful. She’s dependable. And she’s smart. She’s the kind of woman you want at your side.
Machiavellian intrigue at its most riveting! With her husband deposed and presumed dead, Rodelinda wins at the high-stakes game of political intrigue by remaining faithful above all else. Fending off those who want the throne and those who want her, she deftly manages to save both her husband and the crown.

I went to the Opera last night.

Wow, what a plot! Confusing? Imagine how it would have been without the sub-titles! I've never been to the opera with subtitles. Maybe that tells you how long it's been since I've been to the opera! Anyhoooo....

There was illness among the singers and someone ended new and upcoming ended up playing the lead but I thought she was just great. Her husband is played by a woman and her husband's friend was played by a man who I swore was a woman (they don't have actual castrati anymore so where is that voice coming from??).

I don't usually write about musical performances, but this was notable enough to say, check it out if you're in Portland. Oh,and the set was minimalist and just beautiful.

Thanks, Paula.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Missy Goes a Froggin'

First off, no one has permission to call me "Missy"----EVER.
But, it was too perfect as a title to pass it up here.

I know knitters who recycle purchased sweaters by frogging them. I never thought it was a particularly nutty idea, I just never found the perfect sweater for that fate. It has to be:
Knit on a loom, not cut and sewn.
Of a really nice yarn that I would want to buy
Hardly ever worn and not FELTED at all
Big enough that there would be enough to knit a sweater out of it for my big self.

Never happened.
And then it did.
A men's sweater in the wrong area of Goodwill. I have come to understand that I should simply scan the sweater quality, running through them all briefly and then check the size. Many a fab sweater was misplaced on the rack and it was the right size for me.
But, check this out: Men's medium, never worn (as far as I could tell) 70% wool, 30% CASHMERE, tweed, sportweight cable, tweed, denim blue....$8.99!!!!!!
I'll let the story unfold in pictures now(Over a period of 36 hours):

The part that's missing in the picture above is the various kitchen utensils that were hanging off each skein at the perfect weight to straighten but not stress the yarn.