Friday, February 01, 2008

Missy Goes a Froggin'

First off, no one has permission to call me "Missy"----EVER.
But, it was too perfect as a title to pass it up here.

I know knitters who recycle purchased sweaters by frogging them. I never thought it was a particularly nutty idea, I just never found the perfect sweater for that fate. It has to be:
Knit on a loom, not cut and sewn.
Of a really nice yarn that I would want to buy
Hardly ever worn and not FELTED at all
Big enough that there would be enough to knit a sweater out of it for my big self.

Never happened.
And then it did.
A men's sweater in the wrong area of Goodwill. I have come to understand that I should simply scan the sweater quality, running through them all briefly and then check the size. Many a fab sweater was misplaced on the rack and it was the right size for me.
But, check this out: Men's medium, never worn (as far as I could tell) 70% wool, 30% CASHMERE, tweed, sportweight cable, tweed, denim blue....$8.99!!!!!!
I'll let the story unfold in pictures now(Over a period of 36 hours):

The part that's missing in the picture above is the various kitchen utensils that were hanging off each skein at the perfect weight to straighten but not stress the yarn.


Chrispy said...

what beautiful color and texture. that will make a lovely sweater. You definitely got a steal of a deal.

Diane in Chico, CA said...

Not Missy? Okay, Mel[issa].

Wow, that's pretty cool what you did.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

I always scan the men's sweaters at the thrift store: I think men wear them less so the yarn's in better shape, plus lots more yarn for the same price, and they tend to be solid colors. That blue will look great on you.

Judy said...

Great color! I love great deals on stuff that can be re-purposed. What yummy yarn.