Saturday, June 30, 2007

Steady and Even

I'm getting the feel of spinning different fibers as this is Corriedale pencil roving. It looks good plied on itself. Don't you just love the old timey look of this wheel. Wendy says it sounds like an old sewing machine.
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It's Beginning to Look a lot like Spinning

...Everytime I try. I am actually pleased and feeling a sense of accomplishment. This is 8oz of merino which I've realized needs little to none pre-drafting.
I'm hand plying on the drop spindle which goes really fast but it's because I haven't learned how to ply on the wheel yet and I don't have but the one custom spindle that came with the wheel.
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Friday, June 22, 2007

Vintage Sock

i just started a pair of Gentleman's Shooting Stockings from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. The wavyness at the cuff is because I tried to knit continental with these short size 0 needles and found I didn't have enough control to keep to gauge. I'm not going to shape the calf, just knit it straight up and alter the heel and toe decreases to work themselves out.
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Faux Russian Stole

This is a WIP from a Gathering of Lace worked in Handmaiden's Seacell and Merino, colorway Bronze.
Now that I've gotten through the continual frogging phase, I'm actually enjoying knitting this. I'll also enjoy wearing this for sure. And, that's not something I can say about everything I knit.
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I've Got The Blues

Enough said...
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Silk/Merino Action

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On Mom's Quilt

I made this simple quilt years ago and have had it out and around for the 16 or years I've had Brahms. It's her comfort place as you can see.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Pink-ness Appears

All along it was thought to be in a skein! And then, I thought that it was this pink alpaca that I had been working with! It was under my nose the whole time. Fearless Fibers sock yarn (they've gone out of business I believe.)

For those of you who have considered an Amber Alert on my behalf, I thank you. The crisis is least THIS knitting crisis.

I stand corrected per a comment on this post: Fearless Fibers is alive and well in Oregon.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stash Madness

All it took was looking through my sock yarn stash to push me over the edge today. As I pulled things out I had forgotten about I found that something--- a particular skein of yarn was nowhere to be found. After ripping through my ENTIRE stash, I found the offending skein and then...and then...I remembered I had it in another color too and where the hell was that?????

I don't even NEED this pink yarn right now, but I want to find it. I want to know where all my "kittens" are!!!

I found a little ball of yarn I need to send to deb.
I found lots of green sock yarn, much to my pleasure because I love green. But, no pink.
Maybe I need to eat some dinner.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Moving Kitten Violation

Here Barb is in her last moments in Portland, getting in just a bit more spinning. Spinning on the wheel that she sold me last year and that I have had the hardest time getting used to. Okay, so that's an understatement. I put a sheet over it and put it in the corner for over a year. And NOW I am in love with my weird little handmade wheel. Barb showed me the way and now I'm cookin' with gas.

Barb actually came into town from Phoenix to experience an evening at Powell's with The Yarn Harlot. We met Nana and Elizabeth and Roger there and had a fab time. I nearly peed my pants laughing, and believe me, it's hard to get me that tickled....without actually tickling me, that is.

Please note that Barb has fab pictures of the Harlot experience and you should check out her blog for more knitting action

In this picture, Brahms has decided that this is not quite peaceful enough for her and she's moving on, pronto.

Barb and Duffy

At the lovely Cajun restaurant, Roux, the knitting gals got together and had the BEST food and lots of stories shared.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Done eating... I'm tired, says baby Ben. Here at Saint Cupcake, the group gets together with Gaby, baby and the Grandmom to celebrate my birthday. It was so great having some more extended time with the little guy, even if all he does is eat and sleep right now at 6 weeks or so. Gaby says she's going to try and come to knitting from now on to get him used to being out in the world more. Lord knows we miss her!
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Friday, June 01, 2007

Birthday 2007

And, it was a great one! I don't usually name names here on this blog, but I would sincerely like to thank Holly, Rory, Riis, Teresa, Gillian, Gaby and all the other well-wishers out there. I am a bit birthday phobic and these folks made it all great.
(Word has it that my knitting buds have something planned for Sunday as well...)

I decided to dress the part with a little black dress and a cropped cardi that I just finished in Rowen Linen Print and a pattern from Lion Brand. I would definately knit this one again. Sorry I can't include the link, but it's a newish free pattern from them.

On my mind for the new sun cycle is opening up my life to more experiences and people this Summer and see what reward that may reap by Fall.
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