Sunday, February 05, 2012

Nomad Again

It is what it is...
The up-side is that I'm getting to know parts of Portland that I"m not familiar with. The rain has finally lifted for now. After several weeks of of pouring down rain and cold, the weather has broken in a most glorious way. At my new bus stop and I can see this amazing view of Mt. Hood. Yes, it is a busy street!
As for knitting, I have finished a shawl recently but haven't blocked it yet. There was actually a couple of weeks where I couldn't even bear to knit. Now that's stress. I do generally keep some easy crochet project going though. Right now I have something that will most likely become a large cowl. It's had some serious construction setbacks for no good reason. Stress diminishes knitting skill, dontcha know. So, here's the handspun that I started with from a couple of months ago.
And now the start of the project:
I am so impressed with the luster of this Blue Faced Leicester. Wow. There are some yarns I love to spin because I know I will just love to wear them and this is one. If only I could feel that way about all the PINK I like to spin and then not wear.

The sweater back is blocked because I wanted to make sure it was going to fit, but other than that it's languishing...
A color trend here, yes?

Short post here, folks. Just trying to make sure I keep up with the blogging, no matter what. Here's to sunny days ahead though. I think I'll go block that shawl....