Friday, July 31, 2009

Was Flumoxed, Now Finished!

Wow, am I every happy that I got my new blocking squares this week. This scarf, thankfully grew another foot after blocking! I'm so pleased. Although the wool will not be worn for a bit, I know I'll wear this one a lot.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This picture was taken a while ago. It's now 2/3rds done.

Jeez, I took out an old ufo (unfinished object) today because of a message I got on Ravelry. The message said how great it was that I had a "zillion" works in progress. Oy. I know I don't even have them all up there. But....
  1. I knit like the wind
  2. I actually finish a lot of projects
  3. I crochet and spin as well
  4. I start too many things that are charted.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it! Never MIND the fact that I de-stashed an obscene amount of yarn this past year. I admit to having some kind of guilt, but I'm not sure what it is.

I'm thinking about Sock Summit. I'm thinking about what I would wear each day to show off my knitting prowess. Uh...I've got lots of tank tops that I've knitted and I'm almost done with a little summer sweater that I ran out of yarn for. Maybe I need to start another quickie shrug, or tank top, or...

Yeah, maybe I just need to stick to finishing what I have on the needles right now! For the love of fiber, how to we get this way??? Oh, right. That would be, For the love of fiber.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Pink is Back

Don't forget to click the image for a really close up look!
These are both rather unbalanced 2ply yarns and for good reason. I'm learning plenty about what I do and do not like to spin these days. Both of these fibers are from Spunky Eclectic. I love her stuff. The one on the top is s silk/merino blend in Tahiti, plyed with a tiny silk single. This skein is really light and airy and was easy to spin.

Then came the merino/Tencel in Pink Elephant. It was so slick it was pretty hard to manage. It just wanted to pull as much fiber in as possible and not "hold" the twist. So, I let it do it's thing and then I plied it with a thread of iridescent Mylar. It looks way better than you can tell. I have another 2 oz of this to spin so I'd best get anther spool of thread. If I had plied it against itself, it would have been so heavy. That's what happened when I tried to do that with Optim. So, now I'm seeing that if I want to get this weight of yarn and not laceweight, I should just ply it with a tiny single for strength.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Come Engage!

Next Monday I'll be doing a tele interview for the blog Woman on Quilts at 5pm PDT. The focus will be creating and business. Call in and have the opportunity to ask questions on the many different facets of this topic!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tricky Latvians

My new knitting buddy, Petra showed up to group yesterday with the coolest little way of counting pattern rows! It's a length of yarn, (see white strand above) knotted in one inch increments. You move along to the next knot to as you go to the next row! When I asked her what the origin of this technique was, she said:

I just confirmed the source. In Joyce Williams' book "Latvian Dreams," she cites Lizbeth Upitis (author of Latvian Mittens) as the source.

Coooool. Low tech and free.

So, you'll also see these funky mittens that she's knitting in Noro as well.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

When the Wheel's Away, the Spindle Will Play

Ever since I obtained my funky little spinning wheel, it's been a little tricky, having only one bobbin. What I've been doing is filling it up, winding half of it off and then plying it with a drop spindle. It's been exercise. I think my upper body strength has benefited. But, along with that challenge is the challenge that once I commit myself to spin a fiber, I've gotta pretty much stick with it until the bobbin is full.

It's been hard to find someone to make me some new custom bobbins, PDQ. I did find someone and then it's been a matter of letting my bobbin go for about a week to have the "babies" made. I have plenty of knitting to do, but there's this certain mindset that's just right for spinning. Hard to describe. Slightly distract-able, but still wanting to do something. Knitting won't always fill that void.

Thus, my lovely Spindlewood Spindle came out to play. It's a little snobby though. It only likes luxury fibers (go figure). Last night, in the heat of the night I started spinning some silk. It's pretty satisfying. I haven't dropped it too many times. The fiber is from Chasing Rainbows in Abalone.

There wasas well, the slightly manic spinning BEFORE I let got of my bobbin, pictured below. I had to do finish off what I had started before I let go of the bobbin for baby-making. You really can't tell in this photo, but this is Ramboulet, Silk and Sparkles, in a intense, deep blue. It's my idea of "dessert" spinning. It's something that I save up for fun, adventure and color satisfaction.I admit it: I'm a kinky spinner. I have proclivities that can hardly be explained. But, I have NO shame. Well, almost...