Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yes, I'm still blogging.
Facebook ate my blog? Not gonna let it happen!
Get away, Google+!
I'm not giving up the ship yet, people.

I was taking the train from Portland to Pasco, Washington this past Sunday and had a chance to snap some photos of the changing landscape heading north east.If you've never done the trip, it's the Empire Builder that goes to Chicago and this short leg of the trip is a mere 4 hours.

And, when I was in Portland I took some pictures in and around MAX stops, thankful for pretty scenery as I was waiting for a train. I was waiting for a lot of trains. And buses. And walking!

Bucolic Beaverton...
 Downtown bus stop with update screen (I love that part)

 Cascades MAX stop in some lovely Summer light.
 Trip up the Columbia River, misty in the Gorge.
 Just coming out of the Gorge and you see some sandy hills...
 Now we've got a bit of green left but the landscape is really changing now.

Here as the sun has made it's departure, the flat desert awaits...