Monday, September 25, 2006

A Little Spinning Break

A break from knitting for, like, a whole 2 hours!
Anyway, this is that lovely merino/silk again from Crown Mountain Farms, this time in Copperslate. I use my lightest drop spindle for the initial spinning and then use a heavier spindle for the plying.

A bit of a fashion aside here. I used to LOVE 3/4 length sleeves. That is, before that's all you could buy! Well, perhaps I'm exaggerating here, but give me some sleeve length, please! It's like the cropped pants syndrome. In this case, I really have a reason for my frustration. You see, I have tatoos on both my arms, about 3 inches from my wrist. I am doing job interviews and would really rather break the tattoos in slowly once I get the job. At my age, they're not expected and further up the arm to the shoulders there are another set. I used to be able to wear almost anything and they'd be hidden from view. Now it actually takes wardrobe planning.
Again, this is one of those "venting" posts that wishes no solutions posted. I can deal, I'm just complaining... Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 22, 2006

Self Striping Test Two

Posted by Picasa Okay, so even though I have a million projects going on, I became obsessed yesterday and came up with two versions of what I was playing with: Making a heavier double stranded self patterning sock.
One the first try, I used a solid and a striping that were two similar in color. No good.Second try, I used a complimentary duo and I really like the tweedy look.Third try I used two self striping yarns that were the same, just different colorway and then I synched up the designs to work together.

Self Striping Test One

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Computer Next to Ever Growing Stash

How can I expect to get any work done with this configuration? If I absolutely can't get down to work, off to Starbucks I go... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Au Natural Tweed with Angora

I'm sure you've all noticed by now that I'm big on pictures on not so big on text. This is course is unlike my personality where I talk an awful lot and you rarely see me with a camera! Posted by Picasa

Noro Kochoron

This is my tweed stitch automatically felting vest in progress. Really, I think it's just the angora content and the stitch pattern I've chose to work with. Kinda fun, even if it is kind of a suprise. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baby Hoodie Finished

This is one of those baby sweaters that got designed as I started casting on. I figure the 2x2 ribs will stretch enough to fit him for a while. The sleeves could be baggier. You can't really see it, but the button is a vintage shell button in these exact colors. The yarn is Portofino, a cotton/synthetic blend that's kind of a chenille. Washable.
I just needed to start and finish something in a few days as a break from all my bigger projects. Something with no chart to follow! Posted by Picasa

My Vest so Far

Of course, as I take a picture of this WIP, I see a wrongly crossed cable. UGGHHH! Posted by Picasa

Many Buttoned Vest

This pattern appears in Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Re-colored Mittens

So, here a I am, past the thumb point and they're way too big. But, let me start with the first points about this recoloring thing. I realized I wanted to get the light blue in there, but I knew that I would have to introduce it before it melds with the orange. I added the blue band of course without thinking about how much longer it would make the mitten. It's already supposed to be 10 inches in length.

My tension starting out is way too tight, but then by the time I got to the top of the leaves, it evened out. These may end up not actually being worn, but that may be okay. It's been a while since I just played like this and considering the other projects I'm working on right now, it's kinda fun.

The part I am happy about is the retro look that I was going for. Doing the peasant thumb where the pattern matches up should be interesting. I've never done patterned hand-ware at all. Posted by Picasa

Swedish Folks Mittens

This is a phot0 from Folk Mittens byMarcia Lewandowski. I thought that I wanted to start out with a simple pattern like this, but I'm not really into the Christmas colors. So, I recolored the pattern and ended up with something quite different. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fir Cone Swatch

Well, at least it's a little one. I used aran weight yarn but I think it would be really pretty in lots of different weights. Posted by Picasa

Fir Cone Chart

Now the only thing about this chart is that the purl rows are put in as what is commonly know as a wrong side knit stitch. I didn't catch it until the chart was printed, but I actually found it easier to follow, even if it's technically incorrect. Posted by Picasa

Starting Point

This is the pattern I chose to try my new charting software with. Posted by Picasa