Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baby Hoodie Finished

This is one of those baby sweaters that got designed as I started casting on. I figure the 2x2 ribs will stretch enough to fit him for a while. The sleeves could be baggier. You can't really see it, but the button is a vintage shell button in these exact colors. The yarn is Portofino, a cotton/synthetic blend that's kind of a chenille. Washable.
I just needed to start and finish something in a few days as a break from all my bigger projects. Something with no chart to follow! Posted by Picasa


spaazlicious said...

So cute!

Dharma said...

Very nice. You can knock that out in a few days? Jeez. I'm such a slacker. I'm just trying to knock out a hat and mittens in less than a month. LOL. Then onto to finish the cat bed. A shawl out of railroad yarn for my mother. And to finally get back to the outfit for the niece. None of them excite me but they need to be done!