Monday, September 25, 2006

A Little Spinning Break

A break from knitting for, like, a whole 2 hours!
Anyway, this is that lovely merino/silk again from Crown Mountain Farms, this time in Copperslate. I use my lightest drop spindle for the initial spinning and then use a heavier spindle for the plying.

A bit of a fashion aside here. I used to LOVE 3/4 length sleeves. That is, before that's all you could buy! Well, perhaps I'm exaggerating here, but give me some sleeve length, please! It's like the cropped pants syndrome. In this case, I really have a reason for my frustration. You see, I have tatoos on both my arms, about 3 inches from my wrist. I am doing job interviews and would really rather break the tattoos in slowly once I get the job. At my age, they're not expected and further up the arm to the shoulders there are another set. I used to be able to wear almost anything and they'd be hidden from view. Now it actually takes wardrobe planning.
Again, this is one of those "venting" posts that wishes no solutions posted. I can deal, I'm just complaining... Posted by Picasa


Sarah in DC said...

My kicker is that I have a tattoo on my ankle that reads "Heavens Above". Yeah, yeah. I know. But anyhow, it shows when I wear any skirts (except my ankle length ones, and then it flashes out occasionally) and capri pants as well. All my other body mods are upper arms / back / upper legs, but damn I worry about that ankle one :)

Dharma said...

I want to see photos of the tats, that's all.

Sarah - too funny!