Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Spinning

Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience the Aurora Colony Spinning Wheel Showcase, in Aurora, Oregon. It was total immersion into the world of antique spinning wheels. There were over 30 wheels with women (in most cases the owners') demonstrating their wheels. The wheels themselves were from all over the world.
Sheila January spinning on her "accelerated" wheel

I bought several raffle tickets for a wheel similar to the one that Sheila in spinning on in the photo above. Here's hoping! Although, I'm not doing any spinning right now, I really got revved back up to it again yesterday.

The most educational thing for me yesterday was finally seeing someone spin flax (linen). In the photo below, Loyce is not only spinning flax, but doing so on a wheel that has the ability to spin two bobbins at the same time, Of course, the challenge for a spinner is to manage drafting both at the same time. Loyce explained that this wheel was invented to bring up production levels, but seriously. It's so easy to mess up with this that you have to stop constantly and then indeed it is not faster! (The blue ribbon is holding the flax to the distaff.

And then there be the wee bunnies....I don't think that bunnies would have been found at that time in history for fiber, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I've got bunnies on my mind. Last week I helped Paula sheer Zsa Zsa. When I was there, I fell in love with the little bunny Foo Foo. That's really his name: Little Bunny FooFoo. He's a dwarf and very very sweet.
So, for now it's back to knitting. Yes, I'm still doing a lot of that. Some projects that have just jumped off the needles (as if...) below:

The lesson I keep learning is about yarn. Soft, soft yarn. It's the only kind I want near my neck. I made that autumn colored shawl above in a sock yarn and now I don't want to wear it. The light blue piece is very soft and the tweed stole above is the recycled cashmere. Some lessons are hard to learn. Pretty yarn may not be the yarn you want to wear... Oh well. Back to it, now.