Monday, June 18, 2007

The Pink-ness Appears

All along it was thought to be in a skein! And then, I thought that it was this pink alpaca that I had been working with! It was under my nose the whole time. Fearless Fibers sock yarn (they've gone out of business I believe.)

For those of you who have considered an Amber Alert on my behalf, I thank you. The crisis is least THIS knitting crisis.

I stand corrected per a comment on this post: Fearless Fibers is alive and well in Oregon.

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Luise said...

Happily, Fearless Fibers is alive and well in Oregon. Check it out on Google.

Bobbie said...

Fearless Fibers is in Hillsboro (but I think only does on-line); she's a member of the PDX Knit Bloggers Yahoo Group. I haven't tried her yarns yet, how do you like it? I'm coveting the grey laceweight for a shetland shawl. . . . .

Melissa said...

I realized with her intro that she's apart of that group, as am I. I just haven't posted my own intro yet!
I'm making some socks for my best guy friend and was also working on some fingerless gloves out of the sock yarn as well. I like it!

Ah, lace in laceweight. I'm just not there yet. I have some Alpaca Cloud from knitpicks that is really nice but I can't seem to work with it yet...

Deb for Fearless Fibers said...

Hi Melissa:

I finally found a moment to pop around and check out a few of the blogs of the PDX blog group and yours just happened to be the first one I randomly clicked on. How odd and coincidental to see this post here!

Indeed Fearless Fibers is alive and well -- I just moved from eBay to Etsy.

Perhaps we'll meet one of these days at one of the local fiber-related events and meet ups, now that we have the PDX blogger group to help us find one another :)