Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stash Madness

All it took was looking through my sock yarn stash to push me over the edge today. As I pulled things out I had forgotten about I found that something--- a particular skein of yarn was nowhere to be found. After ripping through my ENTIRE stash, I found the offending skein and then...and then...I remembered I had it in another color too and where the hell was that?????

I don't even NEED this pink yarn right now, but I want to find it. I want to know where all my "kittens" are!!!

I found a little ball of yarn I need to send to deb.
I found lots of green sock yarn, much to my pleasure because I love green. But, no pink.
Maybe I need to eat some dinner.


Barbara said...

ok, that's just funny. Have you signed up for Ravelry yet?

I've been thinking about cataloging my stash, but it's mostly handspun.

Just the act of cataloging would scare me.

Dharma said...

Dinner, complusion?
Complusion, dinner?

So hard to decide.