Friday, June 01, 2007

Birthday 2007

And, it was a great one! I don't usually name names here on this blog, but I would sincerely like to thank Holly, Rory, Riis, Teresa, Gillian, Gaby and all the other well-wishers out there. I am a bit birthday phobic and these folks made it all great.
(Word has it that my knitting buds have something planned for Sunday as well...)

I decided to dress the part with a little black dress and a cropped cardi that I just finished in Rowen Linen Print and a pattern from Lion Brand. I would definately knit this one again. Sorry I can't include the link, but it's a newish free pattern from them.

On my mind for the new sun cycle is opening up my life to more experiences and people this Summer and see what reward that may reap by Fall.
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Michele and Paul said...

Yay, we have the same birthday!!

I had a great one as well--hope your weekend is fabulous.


>Michele (your former sock-knitting student)

Dharma said...

nice photo hon.