Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Plowing through the Stash

Last night I took hold of a cardigan that I started 4 years ago and had at it. It was sitting in one of my bins. I couldn't even remember what pattern I was using to knit it. Pink/salmon Manos yarn. I took the easy way out. I decided to fake the neck decreases and make it into a vest.

A very lovely vest it turned out to be. I wore it today, of course.
I had these sort of Paillettes made out of mother of pearl, small, that I sewed up near the lacy neck. Finished it with matching buttons down the front.

My camera has bit the dust, so the pictures may be a while in coming. What is this, mercury retrograde? Taking care of old business? Yeah, there's plenty more pressing old business than a pink vest in waiting...

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