Sunday, October 30, 2005

Autumn Sunday

I'm just loving Fall in Portland. The leaves were glowing like a wild fire and now they're nearly gone. On the ground, wet and bright and slick.

Sunday is knitting group day, and it was a great one. Had someone new who was learning to knit for the first time and a returning beginner who is just delightful. I love the predictability and routine meeting of our group. I'm glad I stuck with it. As, the one who started it, I was a little concerned I'd be sitting by myself week after week.

I started my first poncho today out of some cheap stuff, just to test out the pattern. Seems like a simple thing that I should have made already, but I've only made capelets, knitted in the round.

Earlier this week I knocked out a pair of socks in two evenings for my friend, E. That was a marathon. All the while, not knowing if I would finish them before I next saw him. Ah, deadlines are good sometimes.

I bought a skein of lace weight merino wool and tried to work out some lace pattern with it, to see if it would be suitable for a scarf. Lord have mercy. Even with bamboo needles, it all just kept slipping off over and over again. I gave up after knitting rows 1-4 about 3 times. Maybe my hands just aren't steady enough! Give me cables or fairisle anyday. Okay, so I have been frustrated with lace knitting for several years now. I guess I just have more growing to do!

Like most Sundays, I'm over caffienated!

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