Friday, October 07, 2005

Finishing and Beginning

So, the hat did get finished. It now has two rows of embroidered motifs. I'll take a new picture when I get around to buying batteries for my camera! Sad. I do like the hat now though, especially since I put some elastic on the inside for better fit.

I had a yarn shop day off today. I went someplace today (I won't say where...) but it was really frustrating that there seemed to be little logical organization to the place. It's got a huge stock in three rooms but I couldn't seem to remember what was where.

I seem to be in a hat mood. I made my work-mate Elizabeth a chullo out of a variegated chenille type yarn. It looked so cute on her, earflaps and all! Now, because of talking about Tams with knitting pal, Paula I'm giving one a try myself. I think I've chosen a yarn that probably will be too floppy, but who knows. I think they should probably be made out of a firm yarn, knit tightly. Although the cloche look could work too. Happy accident waiting to happen, I think.

It's my first autumn in the Pacific Northwest and so far it's lovely. Been 4 years now since I've experienced a proper fall. So far the rain doesn't bother me at all. I like damp as opposed to dry. As you can imagine, San Diego was challenging in this way.

Let me end on this note: Sometimes the depth of my passion for textiles amazes me.

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