Saturday, September 24, 2005

Almost Finished Hat

almost finished hat Posted by Picasa


Tallguy said...

Oh, is that a flat-top hat? Those can look quite nice... maybe you did make it just a tad too deep!

What is the trouble about duplicate stitching? Are they not centred? Are you having trouble getting the tension even? Or what? You seem to have done them okay. A lot of problems disappear after a hot bath -- in hats, and for us too! LOL

Melissa said...

2 centimeters too deep to be exact!
Well, it's done now and I just finished up all the duplicate stitching, knowing that I will probably never do THAT again. And, to make it sit a little better on my head, I put some narrow elastic on the inside ribbed band. Works much better.

Ami Clipfell said...

I feel your pain! My felted cloche (probably not spelling it correctly - bucket hat anyway) is now a damn fruit bowl!! A cute fruit bowl, but... That's ok, we're all pretty damn fruity at my house so we need all the bowls we can get to hold 'em.