Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Purple Thing

This Bird's Nest Shawl from Oberle's Folks Shawls is something I've really been working and working on.

Until...I ran out of my own handspun...twice.

Unfortunatly the second time I spun more than the original 8oz, I spun some that was more like worsted weight than sport. So, here I go again. Diligent in my efforts to finish this baby up and block the biggest thing I've ever blocked before. It's 21"x72". Yow!

I know that I'm really going to enjoy wearing it, though. Imperfections and all.


Judy said...

That's so pretty! And so cuddly looking. It reminds me of my very favorite lovey blanket when I was a wee one. I want to just curl up in it.

Barbara said...

how pretty. I can't wait for the magic of blocking to see what it really looks like.

I am over halfway done with the Kiri that I am working on.