Saturday, October 07, 2006


Okay, well it may be true that she who dies with the most stash wins...I am willing to donate unwanted yarn to those who would pay for postage. What I'm really intested in (on an ongoing basis) is folks doing charity work and need yarn. My issue with this thus-far is that I'd have to pay the postage myself in addition to donating the yarn. The other thing I have is smaller amounts (100 yards?) of leftover sock yarn for those who knit kid/baby socks.


Sarah in DC said...

Maybe there are some local schools / nursing homes / after school programs local to you that could use it? Alternatively, if there is a Waldorf school there, they may be very willing to take it off your hands, as I believe that most of them include knitting in the curriculum.

Debbie said...

I am in the process of beginning a "knitting for peace" group at my church. We are just in the beginning stages but I would love to be able to offer yarn to people who want to knit with us.

I'm planning on beginning with blankets/comfort shawls for abused children. My friend is the DA in charge of prosecuting child abuse here.