Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can't quite Frog

I thought I was gonna frog this sweater that I started last year. I haven't worked on this forever. I started the sleeve and it just worse and worse. I now that it seems like everything is looking pretty normal here, but I had some really strange problems with it. Maybe I just couldn't concentrate at the time. Anyhow, I did frog the sleeve and decided to seed stitch the whole thing intead of something that was planned to be somewhat like the body pattern. In the end, it will have something more going on around the neck and down the front.

The yarn is from South America and I love the color. It's similar to Manos is quality, but the weight and color varies greatly in each hank as well as from hank to hank. Still love it. Just wanna be done with it now. Posted by Picasa


Dharma said...

Love that colour!

Emily knitsib said...

I think it looks great, Melissa! Don't frog it!

Riis said...

I think it is a great color also! Love that deep red kinda stuff.