Monday, February 13, 2006

It's Bloomin' February here in Portland!

Posted by Picasa These blossoms are actually on a tree, just across the street. I don't know what they are, so if anyone can illuminate me on this, it would be great. REALLY large tree.


Deidre said...

Can that be true? Are things blooming there? I still can't believe I live in New England where Spring won't come until May.
Enjoy the greenery for me.

Melissa said...

Hey Deidre.
I'm a transplanted Bostonian, so I can hear ya! Actually, it gets pretty cold, but things for the most part stay green, and yes, the flowers are starting to bloom. I suppose that makes up for the continual winter rain?

Marcia said...

They look like camelias to me, the bloomed in Santa Cruz in February so that would be about right. The look lovely floating in a shallow bowl of water.

Dharma said...

Camelias are a good guess, though these aren't as heavily petaled as what I'm used. It is so different her on the left coast. Out where I am I have seen the magnolias starting to bloom - one of my favorites.