Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Olympic Dreams

Here's a link to the article that appears in today's Oregonian about the knitting olympics. I was interviewed at length by Steve Woodward on Monday and am pleased to see my quotes in the last paragraph. Knitting article
Life is a little busy, but I'd love to see more comments on my blog. Feedback really keeps me going. The last picture I have up here of the shawl looks to EVIL to me, I'm dying to get a better more colorful picture of something up later on today. Always have the camera with me!

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Brady said...

Hey Melissa,

I accidently grabbed the Saturday Oregonian off my doorstep this morning instead of the Wednesday one. Don't really know how that happened. So, I checked the article out online this morning. Very nice. Good luck during the Olympics. I'm trying to finish my first scarf for my mom's birthday in two weeks so I won't be able to join in the fun this year I'm afraid.