Monday, August 27, 2007

I have this thing...

...where I think I need to post a picture to be able to post to my blog at all. It wasn't that way to start because my camera was broken, like four years ago. Now, it just doesn't seem right. You won't be entertained and amused and you'll think I'm really boring.

This thing, though has to do with the light in my apartment when I am NOT AT WORK. You know, those very few hours everyday? So, I actually am working on things and finishing things and going places but just never take pictures of them anymore. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

So, for those of you not in Portland, I will simply give a weather report:
Mornings: Darn chilly.
Afternoons: Blinding sun and warm with a coolish breeze.
Nights: Who cares, I'm sleeping.

That's it folks!


Bobbie said...

If you figure out that light thing, please let me know! I have the same problem. Either too much light, or not enough light, or just too damn dark. By the time I remember to take pictures and find the camera, the 5 minutes of good light every evening is gone.

MonicaPDX said...

Heh - in my usual slapdash fashion (and in view of my night-owl ways), I tend to take pix regardless. Otherwise I'd never get any. Funnily enough, even when I do take the durned things by a window with natural light, in daytime, on a neutral background... They still need mass quantities of color correction and other fiddling in Paint Shop Pro - and half the time, also still look better using the flash! Remember the blurry pix from our meet-up? I've meekly gone back to using Auto, without a higher ISO as I was using that day, 'cause apparently for me, that just makes things worse instead of helping. Can't win for losing!

To get to the point ;) - just take pix if you feel the need. If there are pix, we're more interested in seeing stuff than critiquing camera technique anyway! And otherwise, who said knitting blogs have to have pix in every post, anyway? What, we have rules? Nahhhhhh. [g]

Dharma said...

You are funny. I do love your photos but I read every entry either way.