Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogger Chris Church

Chris is here to answer those same burning questions! One thing I can say, is this lady actually wears the wonderful stuff she knits! This is a point of admiration for me. Hey, if you're proud of the great work you've done, you wear it!
Chris' blog

What is your favorite fiber to knit with and why?

Just one fiber? Many you make life difficult. I like choices. Well, my favorite to wear is hemp. I just got a bunch from this week. I am in heaven. I just don't have time to start on it yet. My favorite for tactile knitting is Probably anything from Blue Moon but especially Socks that Rock Heavyweight. It is a great garment weight. I can't wait to start a cardi in some Obsidian or maybe Raven.

What is the color you are most drawn to in a yarn shop?

Colors. I love all colors except pink and true purple. I fall for the oranges, reds, browns and greens. I am just a big forest lover. I guess it helps that I look good in those colors.

What is the weirdest thing a stranger has ever said about you knitting or the knitting itself? (i.e. So, what are you that're a guy knitting, right?)

I am sure I have had a few but mostly I get. "Wow, I can only knit scarves and afghans!" My response is normally something around " I can't knit scarves and afghans." I actually have a friend knit me a scarf when I want one. To me a scarf is torture. If you took me hostage and tortured me, I think I might make it a little worn on the edges but to drive me completely blinking mad would be to force me to knit a garter stitch scarf under dripping water on size 13 metal needles out of 70s acrylic (what else would a kidnapper have lying around).

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