Monday, August 13, 2007

Here comes Duffy!

I've known Duffy for a couple of years and she never ceases to amaze me with her versatility and imagination!
You can visit her blog here and read her answers to my "journalistic" questions below.

What is your favorite fiber to knit with and why?

I love working with a good medium to fine micron count smooth wool. I can knit forever with it because it has give and springiness, and the fabric produced looks so classy no matter what you do with it (lace, cables, textures, plain). If I had unlimited funds, I'd knit with really fine merino all the time.

What is the color you are most drawn to in a yarn shop?

Rich colorways are like a porchlight to a moth for me. Think Renaissance Era colors. I am especially drawn to deep reds, warm purples, and deep sapphire blue. Combine them with a good bronze and green and I'm yours forever.

When I saw Norah Gaughan's Origami Cardi in IK's Summer issue, I was interested in knitting it up but I didn't like the yarn that was chosen for it. However, Berroco had another yarn in the same gauge that was much more lustrous . The body was going to be in a bronze and the bobbled band was to be in a rich rich red (think a pool of blood, not a smear). I was all agog for buying it and knitting it up but finances and a knitting job popped the bubble. It would still be a great combination but not on me.

What is the weirdest thing a stranger has ever said about you knitting or the knitting itself? (i.e. So, what are you that're a guy knitting, right?)

It was four years ago in June. I had just started back up knitting after a 15 year hiatus and was working on a big felted bag. On a whim, I decided I would walk in the annual Dyke March which goes through downtown Portland the Saturday of Pride weekend. I dressed in a floaty femmy pair of blue batik pants and my purple batik coat, comfy shoes, fanny pack, and a wide brimmed hat. Using the fanny pack as a rest for the knitted portion of the big bag, I knitted in the parade. I had a lot of looks and laughs but this one girl shouted, "OMG she's KNITTING!"

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