Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Trust in the Process

Once I took this writing course that had me writing about gardening. Specifically about the kind of faith that one had to have as one plants bulbs in the autumn, hoping they will bloom in the spring. All that ice and snow on top makes it pretty hard for me to believe.
I'm no gardener, at least not more than any other human being.

Such a huge analogy for life and our hopes for the future.
Everybody out there is making resolutions for the new year and I'm thinking how much of a suprise most everything was for me this past year. It seems true for most people I know, in fact.

I'm knitting small things right now because I'm having a hard time commiting to a large project. I have a couple of large things in the WIP (work in progress) stage. My faith in being able to complete something that will take longer than a couple of days is weak. I suppose the point for me is to keep creating, regardless of how small.


Deidre said...

I think knitting small things can be just the right kind of project. Large and overwhelming projects can be daunting. At the beginning of a new year there is a lot of pressure to make resolutions for life changes. You are right, most things that happen are a surprise.

Dharma said...

Just creating is a gift, to oneself and the universe, no need to quantify it by saying "no matter how small".

Take care, remember to breath deeply and often.