Wednesday, January 18, 2006

From the Rain into the Rain

Yesterday's flights to Boston ran the gamut from hell to heaven, in that order.

First flight from Portland to Minn/St.Paul was crowded, no room to knit, knees bruised from the passenger in front of me leaning back into my very limited personal space... Still, the food at the airport more than made up for the total lack of food on the flight. MMMmmm. Crab Benedict.

Then I had the heavenly trip from Minn/St. Paul to Boston. Window seat, empty seat next to me and on the isle seat a knitter! Not only a knitter, but a fanatical, beautiful, charming knitter named Alex. The two of us traded stories and tips and had a generally relaxed and peaceful time. The knitting goddess is ever so kind these days.

I will be finishing my first "kinda lace" shawl of gray alpaca tonight. I imagine (actually I'm sure) I'll be blocking it here in my trendy hotel room so that I can show my knitting friends from Boston at our get together tomorrow. It's not perfect, but I've learned alot from doing it and I hope that it will block to fabulous proportions.

Picture to follow, folks

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