Friday, January 13, 2006

For the love of Yarn!

This is some handpainted cotton yarn from ebay seller overtherainbow yarns. I buy a lot of stuff from her. This will eventually make itself into a sweater. Right, with no intervention from me?

Comment from Julia upon having to do rows of boring stockinette: Where are the knitting monkeys?

When you're working with a really interesting yarn, it generally doesn't make sense to try and get much stitch detail in there. So, it seems to be a choice between fondling really pretty and complicated yarn, or using a more simple yarn and workin' that patterning... Posted by Picasa


Dharma said...

That yarn looks gorgeous! What's the seller's id #, so I can drool more. Certainly don't have funds yet for more yarn, nor space.

Melissa said...

The seller's ID is lotusblossom.

Dharma said...

LOL. I already have her saved as a favorite seller. She's under "overtherainbow".