Saturday, January 21, 2006

Put Down the Scissors!

Two days ago I cast on the 332 stitches needed to start the aran capelet in the new Wraps book I just got. I'm knitting away the 2X2 rib. Then yesterday I started the cable pattern. Oh shit! I must be some stitches off in my cast-on because the cables are not organically flowing out of the knit stitches but are emerging from the purls. UGH.

I actually took out the scissors and decided I couldn't stand to rip the whole thing out. Worst idea ever. Here in my hotel room, amid clips of bits of green yarn, the whole thing ended up in the trash. I was so tired when I went to sleep, I didn't have the energy to look in my suitcase to make sure I would have enough yarn to complete the project anyway. So, of course I obsessed about this and then eventually fell asleep.

I may be a skein short, but I've started over and everything is on track....Finally.

The other point here is that I finished a shawl but have little interest in weaving in the ends, because I think in wearing it, it will barely be large enough for me. Aw, maybe I'll try anyway.


Kev said...

Put some wonderful beads on those tails and call it a design element!

Melissa said...

Kev, I think I may actually do that, and then gift it to someone petite. The beads will make it drape even better. Great minds think alike!