Monday, January 23, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

My friend Marcia just sent me the greatest picture of herself modeling a stole from holiday vogue this year. Hey, I already bought yarn for it, so now I really want to make it!

But, back to the green aran capelet.
Yes, it's back on track, regardless of how much yarn I have to finish it. It kept me occupied on the long flights last night and helped me ignore the lack of food and the child screaming 3 seats away.

The photo below was me visiting with friends who now have many remnants from my old apartment in Boston. It was strange seeing my chaise,and old bookcase but I'm happy knowing they are being put to good use. Life moves on and on and the furniture does as well.

Jet lag is setting in and I want to go to bed now at 8:30. I think I just might give in.

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