Friday, February 06, 2009

Family Colors

This is fiber that my dad spun sometime in the 1980's and I just dyed it a month ago. I love the way the dye took. It's rather mottled because he apparently used different fibers carded together but didn't note that at all, so I don't know what kinds of wool he used. My mom made all these little notations on the labels that are very vague and cute though. Like: "thin", "heavier" in her little pencil handwriting.
These are some blocks that he carved for me in 1986 when I was in NYC and had a small business, block printing simple kimonos. I took the designs from a book and he carved them for me. Well used as you can see.
What you see here on the nostepinne above is what was spun below (plus some color correction on the photo) I knew that I was spinning to intentionally create a long color repeat thing goin' on here, I just couldn't see the success until I got it put up in a ball. Cool, huh? Fiber is silk/merino from RedFish, although they don't sell roving online so I got it at a show.
I'm knitting a hat from it right now but would rather blog a picture when it's done tomorrow. I know, deadline knitting but this one's personal.

Not feeling very "wordy" today. Just wanted to share some stuff I was looking at in my world. I'm doing much more blogging--daily-- in my biz blog right now. Have no fear fiber friends. I will never abandon you!


Aunt Kathy said...

I love those carved blocks, and can;t wait to see the finished hat. Oh and that's how I'd label yarn too, thick, thin, fuzzy... etc. I am such a yarn novice.

Story said...

Really like the carved blocks. Impressive that you are destashing...i know a few folks that are trying to do this as well. I think that's so cool you have some yarn your dad spun all those years ago...sweet that it lasted this long without critters finding it.

Zoe said...

really love your dads' handspun.