Tuesday, August 23, 2005

yarn yearn

Okay, so it's driving me nuts that I can't buy yarn right now. I'm finishing projects left and right, and although my current stash should last me another couple of years, it makes me nervous. I know that I'm not alone. If truth be told, I actually go to all these yarn websites, plan what I'm going to buy and then just "click off." Sad. Better than spending, though.

If I were to spend some money on yarn, most of the time it would be here:

I went online to the local library and found over 300 knitting books. I put about 25 on hold. I figure if I really like them, then I'll buy them. There was a time that I belonged to a book club and bought all these books and then didn't really use them. I ended up selling them to used books stores. Pass it on, pass it on...

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