Friday, August 19, 2005

Back on the Blog Wagon

I'm back in the bookkeeping business these days.
All the hours at the computer make it hard to sit down and write here, but I know that once again, it's the only way that I stay in touch with come folks.

Been such a hot summer here in Portland, like the rest of the country. At least the evenings are cool. Of course, this doesn't stop me from knitting with wool. I've started a local knitting group on Sunday afternoons that's taking a little while to get on it's feet, but I figure as the weather gets cooler, I may have more members. I miss the regularity of my old group in Boston. As the one who is organizing this one, I really have to be there every Sunday. It does commit me to getting out of the house, and right now the air conditioning is certainly worth it!

I've been making a couple of felted bags every weekend. My previous obsession was socks, but I suppose because I'm not wearing socks in the summer, that romance has cooled a bit.

There are so many yarn shops here in Portland, but the money is low to buy new stash. Fortunately I have a lot of older stuff to work with. Buy when you can, save when you must. I'm not sure I should be known for that quote, but I'm afraid that's pretty much how I live. Everybody's got somethin'.

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