Friday, August 26, 2005

A day off, chai and company

I checked out a Chai house that was new to me today to meet a friend. The company was great, the chai was not really to my taste. But, they do have 8 other kinds, so there may be hope.

I was a manic knitter this morning, finishing my black shrug. I now realize that this is the garment that my wardrobe has been missing for years (pictures to follow, I hope). Now onto designing other ones in silks and cottons, etc. This time I WILL write down what I'm doing as I go along. There's no good reason why I can't develop some patterns out of my recent design binge.

I've also decided that just because i don't know absolutely every knitting technique, that doesn't mean that I can't design with the knowledge I do have.

Also frequented the thrift shops for some clothes, as I often due around here on my time off. I seem to have better luck than in San Diego. Bigger women up here? I think so. At least taller.

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