Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First cable sweater

Zimmerman Cables in Wool and Mohair Posted by Picasa

I knitted this a couple of years ago and am only now getting to photograph it.
(I used to be a quilter, and NEVER took pictures of my work and now deeply regret it...)
So, it weighs a ton, is an outside sweater, for sure, and tested my patience. But, I love it, especially the blueberry/inky color of the yarn.
Now whenever I look at a Zimmerman cable design, I just want to start it. Trouble is, most of my stash is short on the ammounts a cabled design takes to complete.

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JoVE said...

I have quilted too (and intend to do so again). I have some photos but there is one quilt I designed and made for a friend's baby (now 10 years old) that I didn't photograph. I bet she still has it though.

Your sweater looks good.