Monday, May 12, 2008

So Close

As I write this there are about 19 more views to go until I hit 10,000. I know I'll be sleeping or something and miss the actual moment so I thought I'd write something now.

A little bit of revealing of self here. I'm a writer. I mean, I consider myself a writer. My card says, that amoung other things, I am a writer. I haven't been writing. I barely write here and in a way, I sense that my blog readers have seriously noticed this. When I really WRITE something, I get far more comments than where I post a picture or two...or ten.

So, tonight I will christen the next 10,000 moments on this blog with a departure. A poem.


Walking out onto the the edge, where all is
I wonder if I squint will I be able to
see the
drop off
the sharp dive
in the blinding light
or if I will trip
and sail over the knife
severing my attachments
dull and soft and heavy
on the way down
to the core
seeds flicked off the edge of
knife in August light
watermelon seeds black
in sweet flesh
touched by blade
this blood touched steel...
lazy wasps

We will now continue with our regularly programmed knitting content.

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