Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hi Melissa,I read about your great idea of an unusual contest on Ravelry and would like to participate :) Enclosed I send you pics of all the socks I knit since last summer. Only one pair is missing: The most boring socks ever, black socks in simple stockinette for a 75 year old man. After I had finished them I couldn't even bare to take a pic. Some remarks to the others:

1. Socks for my best friend, with the lace pattern from the Horcrux Socks.
2. Toddler socks for my nephew
3. Lacy socks from Regia Bamboo
4. Some selfdyed yarn with an improvised pattern on the cuff
5. Simple ribbed socks
6. Something lacy from a cotton blend yarn, given away
7. Simple stockinette, but strange pooling for the monsterfeet of my husband
8. Slipped stitched spirals from selfdyed yarn, given away
9. Broadripples from Regia cotton, quite colorful and given away
10. Wonderfully pooling socks for my brother, plain stockinette
11. Riper Rapid Socks, yarn is Fortissima Bamboo - these are favorites of mine
12. Thuja Socks from a cotton blend, another birthday gift

I just had to discover that I gave away 9 of my 13 pairs of the last months. This has to change. Thanks a lot for this realisation!

Best regards from ViennaNantke aka DeusXMachina (at Ravelry)

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