Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spinning Thus Far

I never had much interest in spinning yarn. Then came my friend Elizabeth. She had this idea that we should try drop spindle spinning on our knitting retreat. Of course, Elizabeth is FULL of ideas, but some reason, I decided to indulge this one a bit. I bought some roving and a drop spindle. Come to find out, I was really the only one willing to pull away from knitting that weekend to give it a try---including Elizabeth!!!

So, here I am. I've now purchased a Niddy Noddy, spools, roving, etc. This image documents the crap yarn that I have thus far produced. I was thinking of plying these two together, but now I'm thinking I won't I like the one on the left just the way it is.

So, I doubt I'll ever become a spinner, but it has become a little mini diversion when my eyesight is suffering from the knit. Posted by Picasa


anne said...

that is SO not crap! i love the reds on the left; it's so bohemian. keep spinning; it's wonderfully mesmerizing, eh?

Dharma said...

Very cool. You already bought all that stuff - sounds like a new obsession.