Saturday, April 08, 2006

Embroidered Front of Lavender Sweater

Last Sunday, I was sitting in my knitting group...knitting. I had already been knitting around 6 hours that day. I had to finally admit it. I was in PAIN. Elbow, wrist, you name it. So, I agreed upon the insistance of those around me that I give it a rest.

Give it a rest.
Seems easy enough, until you come face to face with your compulsion. I promised 2 days. I actually pulled off 3 days. I did this by icing my arm and doing some drop spindle spinning. What really hurt the most was mousing at work.

Yesterday I went back to the lovely pink scarf, listened to Brenda's podcast and made some headway without seriously injuring myself. Today, I've been at a loss. Somehow the sweater that I was working on when the pain hit has faded in it's attraction to me. I have one sleeve cast on and here you have the front and the back. (Which were supposed to be the same, but I got bored and changed the pattern).

So, I thought I'd post the pinned pieces here on my blog as a way of reconnecting with them.

Here's the other thing: It's really Spring here and still all I want to do it knit with wool. For many of you, I can here you say, big deal! So what! Knit with the wool!!! I just like the immediate gratification of wearing what I knit pretty much right away.

This brings me to saying that the rain is letting up, it's nearly 1pm, I'm in a crap mood and I need to leave the house. So there. I actually wrote something Posted by Picasa

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Dharma said...

You know I had meant to comment on how much time you spend knitting. You wrote something about on the list and I was stunned. I'm still stunned. It's amazing that you can knit that much *without* injuring yourself. Please take care of yourself.