Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Baby Suprise Sweater

Yes, this is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Suprise sweater that I just finished yesterday. I decided to try and get out more, so I signed up for a 3 session class on this sweater. I went to one session. I wanted to meet more people, but the level of the knitters in the class was on the newbie side and they were too busy counting stitches, etc. to converse. I didn't go back, but finished the sweater anyway.

The bottom mitered corners in front were not hitting in the right place when I counted off the stitches per the pattern, so I just frogged that part and re-established the corner in it's proper place.

This is knitted in Heirloom washable wool from my trip to Australia. I wish I had knit it a bit tighter instead of going for the gauge. Ah vell. It will be comfortable for Isaac never the less.

I also got to use some vintage buttons from my collection, and that's always fun, even if it means to keep the sweater out of the dryer. I think it should dry flat anyway... Posted by Picasa


WesWhiner said...

Very nice. Very, very nice.

M-H said...

Lovely colours. I have made heaps of these and so has Sandra - they're quick and easy, use up bits of stash, and always cause delight in the recipient! :) But a 3-part class in it...? It's not that tricky, surely? You just follow the pattern.

Melissa said...

I agree about the 3 part lesson. It seems that most of the classes these days are geared towards new knitters.
But,that said, I did find the pattern problematic in many ways. Now that I've done it once, I could do it again but I am a big Zimmerman fan anyway.

Dharma said...

So cool! Love the colours and the mitering. I haven't tried such things but this is intriguing me very much. Jennie, from the list, just gifted me with my first Zimmerman book, Knitter's Almanac.

brad & zo said...

My sweater is prettier than your sweater. I think you neglected to note that the class was listed as EASY. This grade of class ought to be welcoming to new knitters and expert knitters. I would expect that expert knitters who choose to attend an EASY class are just as curious and interested in learning new things and meeting new people as anyone else. In the end, we are all beginners whether you've never done a particular pattern before or never knitted before. It was probably not so smart to choose to be snooty in your blog when you shared your blog address with your classmates at the first session. Happy knitting.

brad & zo said...

In addition to my last comment, I find it surprising that someone so creative and artistic cannot find a way to be inspiring to others. What an opportunity you missed out on to share your knowledge and passion.

You really should post my comments so that your other commenters know not to be so snooty about new knitters too.

Melissa said...

Point taken.
I shared my blog address with one person as I recall. You're right that the class was listed as EASY.
I felt out of place, claustrophobic in the small place but I don't think my comments were particularly "snooty" in my blog.
I'm sorry if offense was taken.

As far as being an inspiration to others, it didn't really occur to me that I should sit through a class that I found frustrating for the benefit of others, as that would be of no benefit to any.

I hope this is the bitchiest thing I ever say on my blog.

brad & zo said...

Your response was lovely, and I have to apologize for being quick to judge you. It seems as though I am the snooty one for being so easily offended.
Your sweater is very pretty and you should have seen the results of the rest of the class. Everyone did a beautiful job. Clearly a versatile pattern, though complicated and not clear at times.
Good luck in the future.

Dharma said...

Wow. You are SO not bitchy or snooty. I thought you were very clear about why you didn't continue the class given your stated goals and needs.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Dharma. That's kinda how I felt. I guess I'm really not in the class mood right now but I do have one coming up on May 20th with Leigh Radford that I'm kinda looking forward to.